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It’s the third week of my writing class. I’m learning a lot, and my writing has never been worse. I can’t even write a post as the minute I start typing I start reading what’s missing and how painfully hard I am trying.

I’ve been blowing off my writing assignments, too. I’m going to have a lot of explaining to do (to myself) if I can’t catch up. Maybe, I’ll ask myself for an extension. I just have to catch myself in the right mood.

On the other hand, I have been keeping up on my reading assignments, which are to read as many personal essays as possible. I have a stack of books next to my bed and the library keeps calling to let me know the books I special-ordered are in.

I’ve decided Nora Ehpron is my new BFF: so lovely, funny, and insightful. But David Sedaris…I mean, are there even words? I’ve read him before, but reading him again, years later, I am indebted.

Among so many others, I love this sentence from “This Old House” (When You are Engulfed in Flames): “Like anyone nostalgic for a time he didn’t live through, I chose to weed out the little incoveniences: polio, say, or the thought of eating stewed squirrel.”

Seriously, how does he do that? Duuuuuude.

I have to stop posting now. Even though it’s sunny, it’s like -10 degrees outside and my throat hurts. The kids (who don’t have school today) are in the basement making up a fashion show, using the dirty futon as their runway. I’m grabbing another cup of throat-soothing coffee, and sneaking back to bed with David.

P.S. Ugh — this post, see what I mean? I can’t write a thing. I curse you, writing class!


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Books and Friends


I was so lazy over the holidays. I just read, ate, read and ate. I’m now relagated to sweat pants (and my blue fleece) because I am so fat. But the books, oh they were yummy.

The weather outside only furthered my laziness. I hunkered down. Going to the bookstore or library was too ambitious. I just re-read some favorites. It was like spending the holidays with old friends.

And while I neglected my blog, my kids, my house, my sense of dignity (I did eat a lot), I thought about my new blogroll friends — this amazing collection of writers who invite me into their daily lives and give me laughter, relief and reassurance that the world is indeed, a bigger place than Jcrewville.

So I thought I would introduce some of my old friends to a few of my new friends. Along the lines of Maleesha’s Festivus posting, I would select a book that I would give to you if you stopped by for a cup of coffee or a sip of something better. You may have already read these, in which case, I was dead on. If you haven’t, well, I recommend for…

    Maleesha @ Binary Trash- “Wintering” by Kate Moses. It’s a sad, sad book about the last days of Slyvia Plath, but the language is stunning. It’s poetic and viseral and puts the reader Right There. I often feel very transported by your postings, so I thought you would appreciate another great storyteller.
    Allison @ That’s What She Blogged – “The Six Wives of Henry VIII” by Allison Weir
    For someone who loves Jane Austin and was able to finish John Adams (that is one serious history book), I thought you would enjoy this. It’s English history full of juicy details. Lots of feminine insight plus real substance. That’s the way I see you when I read your blog: feminine but substantive.
    Mrs.Waltz @Waltz in Exile – “Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight” by Alexandra Fuller
    This chaotic memoir is about a (white) girl growing up in rural Africa. The author is brave and her account so raw, I swear you can smell Africa when you read it. I think you would love this author and her grit. Plus, talk about your exile…
    Karen @If I Could Escape – “Cold Tangerines” by Shauna Niequist
    Don’t be scared that this is a bit spiritual. It’s found it palatable, and I get really nervous around overtly religious people. It’s a beautifully optmistic book about a young woman who chooses to celebrate ordinary moments. She’s very real and not too gushy, but everything she says is bravely uplifting. I sense such enjoyment in your life when I read your blog and I thought you would enjoy Shauna.
    Bejewell @ The Bean – “High Maintenance” by Jennifer Belle
    Lady, I’m nearly done stalking you — how many John Hughes movies can I quote to lure you to my blog? Though you don’t read mine, I’ve read enough of yours to pick a Jennifer Belle book for you. Jennifer Belle is hilarious in a way that makes you gasp. Her wit is fast and her I spend a lot of time thinking “omigod” when I read her. Keep with “High Maintenance” beyond the first few chapters which are kind of bumpy. Once she hits her clever mark, you’ll blow right through it.
    Alias Mother – “Juile and Julia” by Julie Powell
    Gosh, You were my hardest one. I can’t tell you why, you just were. You proabaly read this one, but if not – it’s a lot of fun. Julie Powell is a young Manhattanite who decides to cook every Julia Child recipe in “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.” She goes on to blog about it and in the process gets a book deal, a movie deal and becomes rather famous (true story!). Her humor is irreverant. and whether or not you like to cook, Julie Powell is such a great read…as are you.

There are others on my blogroll, but I don’t feel I know them well enough to recomend a book just yet. Plus several of them have (or will have) their own books..which are far better than anything I could recommend.

Happy reading, friends. Let me know if you have one for me.

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